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We take teeth seriously.

As soon as you step into our office, we are laser focused on giving you the best smile possible. From our dentists to dental assistants, nothing is more important than giving you a great smile at an affordable price.


Preventative activities such as cleanings and diagnostic imaging.


Get teeth whitening, veneers and so much more to improve those pearly whites.


When you have a serious condition we can work to bring your smile back.


When teeth decay or are fractured, we step in to get you on the right track.


When tooth decay makes it necessary, we provide amazing implants.


Healthy gums, healthy teeth. You get total mouth care with All Smiles DFW.

Great teeth for everyone

Products & Treatments

Family Dental Care

Finding the right family dentist is an essential part of receiving quality oral care, and we try our best to fit your family needs. All Smiles DFW ensures we meet your dental needs for your entire family.

Individual Dental Care

staff is confident in their skills to create strong relationships with their patients so that you feel taken care of. We brighten your smile by providing the best teeth cleanings, X-rays, teeth whitenings, and more.

Expert Senior Dental Care.

As we age, it can get harder to engage in oral hygiene. We identify ways for you to keep your teeth the healthiest by providing guidelines to care for your smile. We have experience giving dental care to seniors in Dallas and Fort Worth Texas and know how to ensure their visits are comfortable and pain free.


Whatever your dental condition, you'll leave with a smile on your face.

There are many different kinds of dental conditions that can affect you, and we treat all of them. Whatever ailment or concern you may have, just bring it up to one of our specialists during your visits, and we’ll take care of it. We’ve been around Dallas and Fort Worth for over 20 years, and there’s nothing we haven’t seen.

Great smiles happen here

Smile like you mean it.

We emphasize professionalism with a personable touch. Our employees are trained to maintain a professional atmosphere while developing strong relationships with you because we care. We have mastered our roles perfectly. Our professionals know all the most effective and efficient ways to get their jobs done and serve you better. You can count on us to know and use everything you need to stay in good health.